During my time in Paris I have defiantly enjoyed my share of weekend get-a-ways!  We started with Venice then to Madrid then Amsterdam then had an amazing time in the UK for a weekend in Scotland then a weekend to London.  I do wish that we could have gone to other places as well but I feel very lucky that we could arrange our class schedule to allow us to travel.  I am also proud of myself and friends for planning out our trips without much time and after never staying in an hostel before I feel confident that I can pick a nice, clean, cheap one for anyone!  We were extremely lucky to not have anything too horrible happen on our get-a-ways besides a little pick-pocket incident in Madrid.

When we ventured to the Glasgow and London it just all seemed to be perfect timing.  We went to Glasgow the day after Thanksgiving; needless to say we were a little homesick.  It was perfect to go to an English speaking town, filled with holiday celebrations.  Then I had a three day school week jam packed with presentations and projects then we took off to London.  Yet another, holiday joy filled city!  Now, do not get me wrong…yes they celebrate Christmas in Paris but it is nothing compared to the Christmas markets, decorations, and festivals in the UK.  It was just what we needed to get over being homesick for holidays and get us in the Christmas mood!

It seems all so crazy that I have been over here for almost four months!  It just all flew by so fast that I can’t even believe it.  I keep thinking about how weird it is going to be to go back home and how much I am going to miss Paris but I need to just enjoy it while I am here now and to remember that I can always come back! 🙂