The weekend in Madrid proved to be even better than Venice!!  Upon our arrival to the beautiful city one of the first things we noticed was advertising for the MTV EMAs…then we see that it is that weekend.  We get to our hostel around 8pm and find out that there is a tapas tour at 9pm followed by a pub crawl ending at a night club; so of course we join both of them. The tapas tour was pretty cool because in Spain when you buy a drink then you get a tapas along with it.  On the tour we learned a little bit of history about tapas and Spanish culture.  The pub crawl enabled us to meet people all in our hostel along with other hostels in the city.  The next day we started off with a 3-hr walking tour of the entire city of Madrid.  Then as leaving the tour once it ended we were walking by The Westin Hotel and I heard a girl that we met the night before from one of the hostels call out my name, when we stopped to talk to her we noticed the crowds gathered by the hotel and she told us the stars for the EMAs were all staying there.  We ended up seeing Pauly D & Snooki from Jerseyshore, Ke$ha, Cobra Starship, and met the Jackass crew.  We ended the night at Kapital, the famous 7 story club in Madrid.  The next day we enjoyed a private flamenco show with people from the surrounding hostels.  Overall, Madrid was amazing….its night life was nonstop until sunrise and the culture was overwhelming.