Finally had my first excursion outside of France since I’ve been here…to Italy!!  It certainly proved to be a great place to go and visit.  Lately, when I think of Italy I think of the guidos on Jerseyshore…but the people here were far from it haha.  Right when we got there we had to try some authentic cuisine so we feasted on some amazing pizza and pasta and topped the meal off with tasty gelato.  The entire atmosphere was so relaxing and beautiful…just overall amazing!  I saw the city from a gondola ride, which is a must do while in Venice!  I was so nice to not have any noisy cars and you could walk from one side of  the Grand Canal to the other side of Venice to San Marco in about an hour.  Everywhere I looked I saw little bridges over the canals.  I took a boat to 3 other islands near Venice as well.  I was only in Venice for two days, which is plenty of time for that city but I would have loved to travel throughout all of Italy…hopefully someday!  As for my first hostel experience I was pleasantly surprised…it was small (we were in camping cabins) but very clean.  I must admit that it was weird to call Paris home as a crawled back into my comfy bed 🙂

Up next: Leaving for Madrid, Spain this Friday!